How to Brand Yourself with a Twitter Background

by (@mayhemstudios)

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Twitter is probably one of the biggest social media websites out there. Twitter offers a great opportunity for people looking to market their goods and services, leads on new clients or landing that next big job.

By sharing, connecting, engaging and retweeting, that opportunity becomes even greater. Over time, you gain trust and credibility: resulting in being an expert in your field. It’s a good way to build your brand.

When marketing yourself, you want all pieces to look similar and cohesive: logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, website, brochure, media kit, marketing materials, signage, etc.

Twitter profile backgrounds are another tool to help market and promote your self. The background should match your existing brand or look. Twitter backgrounds get noticed: if they’re unique, fresh and stand out from the crowd.

I know everyone is not a professional designer. Here are a few tips to help you get started with your own Twitter background. This is what has worked for me.

How To Get Noticed As a Twitter Background Designer

by (@amartindesign)

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Oftentimes I am asked “Why should a person care about having a custom Twitter background?” Or I might hear a statement such as: “I don’t follow people or check Twitter from the web interface, so having a custom background doesn’t matter.” It’s quite possible that you might not check Twitter from the web interface, but there are many people out there that do, and some could be potential followers.

It seems to be pretty common knowledge throughout the Twitterverse that, roughly, the first ten visible tweets on your profile give a first impression about you when someone is considering whether to follow you or not. Therefore, why would you not care enough about your image to have a unique background which says something about your personality or business to add to that first impression?